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Please Note:  Because of the devastation in Japan due to the previous Tsunamis and earthquakes, some parts are not available for your Seiko and many other watches (Some factories have been literally destroyed!). On the caseback of your Seiko watch there are 8 characters separated by a hyphen (example: 7N43-8001). Before you send your watch to us to have the capacitor replaced, please send us a quick e-mail giving us those numbers, and we will let you know if parts are available for your watch. Recently, we have been informed that any Seiko with movement Caliber # 9T82 must be  sent to COSERV, who then must forward to Seiko Japan for service and could take quite a while to be returned. Please DO NOT send us any Seiko with Caliber # 9T82 movement for service.  Thank you.

Is your watch 5 years old or over? Does it run OK as long as you wear it? But loses time overnight? The CAPACITOR is most likely at the end of it's useful lifespan. If your Seiko Kinetic watch is rated water-resistant up to 50 meters/165 feet, you can have it's capacitor professionally replaced NOW. ONLY installs Genuine rechargeable power cell on all Seiko Kinetic watches sent in to us for replacement.  SUBJECT TO PARTS AVAILABILITY. 

Please read note above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:


$99.00 prepaid 

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Seiko Kinetic Capacitor (SKO-CAP)

You Must Send the Service Authorization with your watch

Price includes Insured Priority Shipping w/delivery confirmation

(Value up to $11.95) to return your repaired timepiece back to you.

Limit of $500 declared value - see Service Authorization Form

In the event that your timepiece cannot be repaired, or other service is needed to bring your watch up to working order for which you decline to have performed, we will refund what you have paid LESS $12.00 to ship your watch back to you, via insured priority mail.

Important Information

How Water Resistant

 Is Your Watch?

Shipping Information

Service Authorization

Fill in this form and include with your timepiece

Many of the old style capacitors have been DISCONTINUED by Seiko. We use only GENUINE SEIKO parts only. They are still referred to as "capacitors" by some but the new part is actually the new Lithium-ion rechargeable power cell. These power cells replace the original capacitors chemical composition with different chemicals.

NOTE:  DWS will only guarantee these replacement cells for a period of one (1) year from the date marked on the cell when installed.

Service Includes:

  • State of the ART Ultrasonic cleaning of the case & metal band only in safe BIO-DEGRADABLE cleaners.

  • Clean & lube the setting crown gasket

  • Crown gasket and case tube inspected for precision fit to determine degree of proper sealing capacity (If the crown is worn out and does not seal out dirt and moisture, you will be notified so as to allow you the opportunity to have it replaced

  • Date code & install new genuine Seiko Lithium-ion rechargeable power cell according to factory specifications.

  • Precision inspection of the sealing capacity of case and case-back areas to determine it's dependability.

  • Inspect and install new superior grade silicone O-ring rubber case-back gasket to insure optimum sealing capacity if needed.

  • Inspect watch band links and case lugs and replace damaged, broken or missing spring bars/pins/screws as necessary.

Capacitors are different compared to a watch battery, or the new Seiko Lithium-ion rechargeable energy cells. They are limited to storing a small electric charge applied to it via a micro power generator. A "capacitor" does not contain chemicals and therefore can not produce electricity by way of chemical reaction.

"Capacitors" have metal plates stacked one upon the other and are separated by a plastic insulator between each plate. The number of plates used  produces the necessary voltage to power the movement, which is about 1.2 volts.

The charging mechanism of the timepiece generates a small charge of current which is applied to the plates and are capable of storing energy in excess of that required to operate the watch during a certain amount of time.

When the watch is motionless it will stop the charging process of the "capacitor", and the remaining charge inside the capacitor is used to power the watch. If the watch is left motionless for extended periods of time, the capacitor (old style), may not hold a charge as well as before, or even not charge back up at all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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